Creativity to make ingredients shine


We bring out the flavors of our ingredients, put them harmoniously together, and arrange them beautifully.
The moment we put our souls into our ingredients, the ingredients become “dishes.”
At HURRICANE, our first priority is to make creations with ingredients.
We want you to enjoy our food with all five senses.
You should be able to taste not only its flavor, but also its appearance, smell, sound, and texture.
We are constantly challenging ourselves to bring you fresh surprises and stimulating experiences.




At HURRICANE, we offer uncategorizable creative dishes with Italian and French elements, centering on grilled dishes.
And we are very selective about our ingredients.
Along with the most valuable parts of A5 grade wagyu beef, we also use a type of Aussie beef called Cape Grim Beef, grass fed in the place with the world’s cleanest air, Tasmania.
For pork, we use Sagami pork, known for its dense, tender meat and fat.
Our chicken is Hanamidori, the famous chicken from Fukuoka, and our lamb is only the highest quality lamb brought in from Hokkaido.
For our seafood and vegetables, we carefully select the most delicious ingredients at each time after determining their production areas and seasons.


  • 総料理長

He started his career as a chef at a Japanese restaurant, then went on to exercise his talent in Chinese and Italian cooking.
He continues to acquire techniques from different genres and come up with dishes outside the box.
The Grand Chef is also well versed in wine, with an especially deep knowledge of cult wines.

  • A La Carte


*Taxes are included in prices.

  • Caprese
  • Tartar
  • Bagna cauda
  • Carpaccio


We have a lot of choices women love, such as bagna cauda with fresh vegetables, carpaccio, and ajillo. Our wagyu beef tartar is a delightful fusion of rich cheese and meat flavors.



colorful ingredients

For the primo piatto, we offer a selection of dishes that show off our creativity. We use high quality ingredients for our pastas and risottos, leaving no potential unfulfilled. This colorful lineup symbolizes HURRICANE. We are sure these dishes will stimulate all five of your senses.






For the second piatto, enjoy one of our luxuriously creative grilled dishes made with chicken, pork, fresh fish, or A4 and higher grade wagyu beef. These delicacies are not simply grilled, but prepared in a way that maximizes the flavor and appeal of the ingredients so you can experience more than just their taste.